Asphalt Shingle Installation in Los Angeles

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingle Installation in Los Angeles

Asphalt shingles have emerged as a popular choice among Los Angeles, CA homeowners when it comes to roof installations. Notably, they offer an exceptional balance between affordability and quality compared to other roofing options. These shingles possess a lightweight structure, ensuring durability and are available in a wide range of colors. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, they provide long-lasting performance. Certain premium brands even boast an impressive lifespan of 50 years.

Opting to replace your current roof with asphalt shingles brings several benefits that enhance your home. Firstly, it significantly enhances your home’s curb appeal, making it more visually appealing. Moreover, this upgrade has the potential to increase the value of your property in the real estate market. Additionally, by installing asphalt shingles, you can effectively reduce your energy costs, thus making your home more energy-efficient. Lastly, it contributes to improving the safety of your home.

One remarkable aspect of asphalt shingles is their ability to replicate the appearance of high-end roofing materials, such as natural slate or cedar wood shakes, all while maintaining a much more affordable price point. Traditional wood roofs and slate tile roofing are considerably more expensive to install, often requiring extensive labor during the roofing process, which inevitably drives up the overall costs.

The Advantages of Asphalt Shingles in Los Angeles, CA

One of the major advantages of asphalt shingles lies in their ability to enhance the visual appeal of your roof. Nowadays, asphalt shingles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Selecting the right color for your new roof holds great significance as it contributes to the overall appearance of your home. At Commercial Roofers Los Angeles, we collaborate with you to choose the style and color that will be the most visually pleasing.

Our team of roofing experts is dedicated to completing your project within the designated timeframe and budget, and occasionally, we even manage to finish ahead of schedule.

All newly installed asphalt and other shingle roofs come with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring your protection. We also secure all the necessary permits and conduct a city inspection while the project is in progress. Upon completion, a final inspection is carried out to guarantee compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.