Cool Roof Installation in Los Angeles

Cool Roof

Cool Roof in los angeles

A Cool Roof represents a roofing solution that possesses the ability to reflect sunlight and minimize heat absorption compared to conventional roofs. These roofs can consist of various materials, such as a highly reflective paint, a protective sheet covering, or tiles and shingles with exceptional reflectivity. The advantages of implementing a cool roof extend to virtually every building located in Los Angeles, CA, or Southern California.

Surprisingly, under the scorching summer sun of Los Angeles, a standard or dark roof can reach temperatures exceeding 150°F. However, the implementation of cool roofs effectively reduces roof temperatures by over 50ºF on hot, sunny days. Consequently, cool roofs contribute to maintaining cooler indoor temperatures in homes, resulting in energy savings by decreasing the reliance on air conditioning systems.

The remarkable energy-saving capabilities of cool roofs have led to their mandatory inclusion in residential roof replacements according to the Los Angeles Green Building Code.

The Advantages of Cool Roof in Los Angeles, CA

At Commercial Roofers Los Angeles, our skilled roofing professionals specialize in enhancing the coolness of both new and existing roofs by carefully selecting the most suitable roofing materials.

Cool Roofs offer numerous benefits to homeowners, encompassing energy savings, decreased reliance on air conditioning systems, prolonged roof lifespan, and potential rebates or incentives. By transitioning to a Cool Roof, you can take advantage of financial benefits such as rebates from LADWP.

We understand that the process of applying for rebates can sometimes be overwhelming. However, you can rest assured as our dedicated sales team collaborates closely with homeowners to handle all the necessary paperwork, ensuring that you receive the highest possible rebate amount!

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